The 18th-century Hieromartyr Constantius the Russian of Constantinople (d. 1743) is credited with a prophecy that in one unidentified year, a series of specific catastrophes would destroy much of humankind. Though the year was not given, Constantius provided particular dates according to the Old Calendar in use at that time: “On July 8th two unheard-of wars will coincide. On August […]

Remembered as both martyr and missionary, Saint Cosmas Aitolias (Aitolos), 1714-1779, left prophecies about a future “general war” which, according to certain commentaries, is expected to devastate much of the globe and involve Russian intervention against Turkey to save Greece, an Orthodox country like Russia. Of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), Saint Cosmas said: “In the city, so much blood will […]

Orthodox prophecies include many references to a great war yet to come, in which most of humankind is expected to perish — perhaps half the world’s population in a single day. According to Orthodox prophetic teaching, this war will not bring about the end of humankind, despite the magnitude of destruction. Instead, the war will […]

Prophecies attributed to the monk Seraphim Of Vyritsa (1866-1949) explore in detail the future of Russia, a spiritual awakening expected to occur just before the arrival of the antichrist, and a great war that is expected to bring about the unity of humankind prior to the antichrist’s reign. Here is a summary of these prophecies: […]

Orthodox Christian prophecies include one attributed to the monk Elder Ignatius of Harbin (d. 1958): ‘What started in Russia will end in America.’ The prophecy is worth examining because it illustrates both the controversial appeal and the ambiguity of certain Orthodox prophecies. Though the original source of the quotation is a mystery, Elder Ignatius’ words […]

Welcome, everyone. This blog will discuss a body of prophetic literature that you may never have seen before … the prophecies of Orthodox Christian Saints! Many of these prophecies deal with ‘end times’ events … those expected to happen just before the end the current era of history. Some prophecies are explicit. Others are still mysterious. […]

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