Welcome to Orthodox Prophecies!

Welcome, everyone.

This blog will discuss a body of prophetic literature that you may never have seen before … the prophecies of Orthodox Christian Saints!

Many of these prophecies deal with ‘end times’ events … those expected to happen just before the end the current era of history. Some prophecies are explicit. Others are still mysterious.

But they differ dramatically from the ‘Rapture’-oriented scenarios of modern evangelicals, and from other popular end-time models as well.

So, you may see things here that challenge your beliefs. 

In that case, good. We need a change (to put it politely) from today’s dubious, media-driven sectarian views about ‘the end of the world.’

Let’s look instead at prophecies made by Orthodox Christian Saints and Apostles … luminaries of the Orthodox Church, the original Church, which remains alive after almost 2000 years and speaks with the triple authority of Scripture, Holy Tradition, and the Patristic writings.

Unlike many other ‘prophetic’ treatises, these posts have no political agenda. On the contrary, they present an alternative to the screeds of activists who would twist religion to political ends. 

Neither does this weblog presume to give Orthodox spiritual teaching, which is the province of Orthodox priests and monks, not lay people. 

This blog is meant as an information resource only, and the webmaster assumes no responsibility for beliefs and opinions formed, private interpretations ventured, decisions made, or actions taken on the basis of information presented here.

The webmaster invites feedback from readers and asks only that comments be civil in tone. Email: Orthoproph@angelic.com. Twitter: @OrthoProph.

Thank you.

4 August 2012

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