Saint Cosmas Aitolias prophesies about a ‘general war’

A pine tree to which saint Cosmas Aitolias affixed a cross.

Remembered as both martyr and missionary, Saint Cosmas Aitolias (Aitolos), 1714-1779, left prophecies about a future “general war” which, according to certain commentaries, is expected to devastate much of the globe and involve Russian intervention against Turkey to save Greece, an Orthodox country like Russia. Of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), Saint Cosmas said: “In the city, so much blood will flow that a three-year-old calf will float on it.” As a result of this war,  Saint Cosmas added, “three countries will become one,” although the countries are not specified.

Saint Cosmas described the horrors of the war as follows: “We shall see people flying through the air like blackbirds, and casting fire onto the earth. People will run to the grave and shout: ‘Come out, you dead, let us lie in your graves.’” This description of warfare from the skies is notable for having been made more than a century before the first powered flight. Saint Cosmas’ prophecies also mention a time of prosperity to follow the great war: “Blessed is he that shall live after the general war. He will eat with spoons of silver.” Orthodox commentators have interpreted other prophecies to mean than this postwar interval of peace and prosperity will be only brief, and further tribulation will follow it.

Saint Cosmas’ achievements included founding hundreds of schools, charities, and churches. For additional information, see: “St Cosmas of Aitolia,”; “St. Kosmas Aitolos, the New Hieromartyr and Equal-to-the-Apostles,”; and “St. Kosmas Aitolos (1714-1779) — the Prophet,”

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