Hieromartyr Constantius the Russian: ‘Half mankind will perish’ in one day

15th-century view of Constantinople, where Hieromartyr Constantius later prophesied

The 18th-century Hieromartyr Constantius the Russian of Constantinople (d. 1743) is credited with a prophecy that in one unidentified year, a series of specific catastrophes would destroy much of humankind.

Though the year was not given, Constantius provided particular dates according to the Old Calendar in use at that time: “On July 8th two unheard-of wars will coincide. On August 12th there will be an unbearable heat wave. On December 18th half mankind will perish.”

To convert these dates into modern form, add 13 days. Then Constantius’ July 8th (Old Calendar) becomes July 21st (New Calendar), August 12 (O.C.) becomes August 25 (N.C.), and December 18th (O.C.) becomes December 31st (N.C.).

Orthodox scholars have placed this prophecy in the context of an expected third world war which is mentioned in other Orthodox prophecies as well. Vladimir Moss, in The Book of the End (http://www.romanitas.ru/eng/THE%20BOOK%20OF%20THE%20END%207.5X9.25.htm#_ftnref173), an interpretation of the Book of Revelation in light of Orthodox prophecies, suggests that Constantius’ prophecy covers a period of five to six months during a future Russian invasion of the Middle East. The invasion, in Moss’ scenario, would start with Turkey and include the taking of Constantinople (modern Istanbul). In a separate prophecy, Saint Cosmas Aitolias also mentions a great slaughter in Constantinople (see previous post), presumably to occur during the same invasion.

Constantius served as chaplain at the Russian embassy in Constantinople. A brief biography of him is available at “Lives of Saints,” Orthodox Research Institute,  http://www.orthodoxresearchinstitute.org/resources/saints/lives1.htm.

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